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Company History

Trim-Rite Food Corporation was founded as an independent custom pork boning business in 1980 with a plant in Schaumburg, IL. This positioning put Trim-Rite closer to the fresh meat supply. Trim-Rite’s main business at the time was to supply custom trimmed pork to the Oriental restaurants on the East Coast.

As the business grew, Trim-Rite began to supply customers all throughout the Midwest and East Coast in all areas of the meat business. The increased customer base dictated that we move into a larger facility to handle the growing business. In 1991 Trim-Rite moved to a 37,500 square foot building in Addison, IL.

Trim-Rite successfully began to fill the Addison plant with new business and began to ship products all over the world. As Trim-Rite’s domestic and international business grew, it again became apparent that more space was needed. This further growth forced Trim-Rite to move into a larger facility.

In March of 2002, Trim-Rite built from the ground up and moved into a 76,000 square foot, state of the art facility in Carpentersville, IL.


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