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Why Trim-Rite Foods

Why do discerning companies choose Trim-Rite Foods for their pork processing needs?

Trim-Rite is proud to offer its more than 60 years of custom pork boning experience to help deliver top-quality fresh pork products for your business.  We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our process to meet your needs.  From our many varieties of boneless hams to truly outstanding St. Louis-style ribs, we can make what you need.     

Make to Order

Trim-Rite guarantees that your product will be made from only fresh meat; never frozen.  Fresh meat is purchased specifically for your order and your product includes only the portions you specify.  We make your product exactly to your specifications, not ours or someone else's.  Our pork products are delivered to you fresh because your raw materials are received, prepared to your specifications, packaged, and shipped out in a minimal amount of time.  This is our guarantee to you.

Product Breadth

Trim-Rite is well known for its wide range of quality ham and St. Louis-style rib products.  However, our experience allows us to accommodate many other possibilities for custom pork products.  Your needs drive our innovation, and we thank you for that.

Flexible Process

Trim-Rite has designed its plant and specially trained its employees to accommodate virtually any process necessary to produce your products to order.  We start with only the raw materials you need and then process your product by the most efficient means, so that the end result meets your specific requirements.

What does this mean to you?  It means that you don't have to make any changes in your product or process to accommodate the custom product that we supply to you.  Our product arrives ready for you to use, and that potentially saves you time and money.

Packaging Options

To ensure that your product arrives in prime condition, Trim-Rite offers a variety of packing options. We offer both standard and custom packing options to fit virtually any specification you or your product may have. Select from boxes, master poly bags, combos, vacuum packing, and more.

Customer Focus

Many companies claim to be customer focused. But at Trim-Rite, we deliver.

It starts with your own dedicated sales representative; your single point of contact for all issues.  This person  works with you in the beginning to document your specifications and will remain closely involved through delivery.  Your sales representative is responsible for your overall satisfaction, including things like explaining our process, answering any questions you may have, fast problem resolution, or anything else that may arise.  This is your go-to champion.

Our customer focus goes beyond customer service.  We listen to you and leverage your feedback in developing or enhancing our product offering and production process.  Since we provide you with the highest quality pork products, it makes sense that we include your valuable feedback in helping our business.

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